Rutherford County Democratic Party Victory Fund
Political Action Committee


The RCDP Victory Fund PAC aims to support Democrats seeking elected office to serve people of
Rutherford County Tennessee. The PAC has a particular interest in supporting local candidates seeking
positions at the city, county, and state level. 

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Contribution Guidelines

1. No Democratic candidate will be given PAC funds before January 1 of the actual election year.
No PAC funds will be given until after the primary in a contested race.
2. Candidates who seek PAC donations must meet with at least 50% of the PAC committee. After
this meeting, the majority of the committee members must agree upon the amount to be
given to the candidate. If the committee denies the initial request, a candidate may return to
the committee for reconsideration.
3. At the time of the meeting with the PAC Committee, the Democratic candidate must provide
verification that he/she has established a campaign bank account with evidence of
contributions from donors. This should be in the form of a bank statement that would show
deposits from contributions. The amount requested from the candidate cannot exceed the
total contributions already received by campaign.
4. The Democratic candidate must submit a plan for the use of the RCDP PAC dollars. Some
examples for using PAC dollars could be for (but not limited to) mailers, yard signs, and robo –
5. If a Democratic candidate ends his/her campaign before the election, he/she must refund to
the RCDP PAC the dollar amount of donation that had been distributed to him/her. The
Democratic candidate must agree in writing to this provision at the time of PAC dollars
6. After meeting with the candidate, the PAC committee will consider their request, make a
decision and the PAC Chair will notify the candidate in a timely manner.
7. If the RCDP Victory Fund PAC has additional funds during the general election, the PAC
Committee members may elect to distribute those funds to viable Democratic candidates
depending upon financial needs.