Get Involved

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” — Barack Obama


Volunteer with the RCDP

Our volunteers perform a variety of duties.

Office Volunteers

The volunteers staffing our office are responsible for greeting visitors, answering calls, maintaining the office, and assisting with data collection and entry.

Canvassers & Phone Bankers

Our canvassers and phone bankers partner with candidate teams to bring awareness to the community and to help get potential voters registered.

Want to volunteer in another way? Let us know!


Join a District Team

The Rutherford County Democratic Party is forming Teams in all 21 County Commission Districts and we want YOU to get involved.

Our District Teams will be engaging potential voters in their communities through social events and Get Out the Vote efforts.

There are Democrats right in your neighborhood waiting to meet with you and strategist for the upcoming elections. Will you join them?


Intern with the RCDP

The Rutherford County Democratic Party is looking for interns and volunteers for our county Party and our Democratic Candidates’ campaigns. Our internship program gives students and young people the opportunity to learn about elections and political operations by providing hands-on experience with a dynamic and focused organization.

Each intern will be assigned to one of the following departments:

Political:  Interns will participate in activities including political district analysis, campaign planning, and political organizing. Additionally, they will be involved in and help organize specific events and activities.

Data:  Interns who focus in data will learn to use VAN/Votebuilder software, predictive dialer software and will conduct research and analysis using the voter file to help shape campaign strategy. This department partners with the Political Department to create outreach strategies for campaigns.

Finance:  Interns will work directly with our Fundraising Committee and our donors. They will learn how to use many of our fundraising software. They will enter daily fundraising notes and will work with staff to reach fundraising goals. They will also partner with our Treasurer and Budget Committee to work on financial reports.

Media:  We are looking for interns to help with our media creation and implementation. We are looking for interns who have website design experience. We will also need an intern who has photoshop or similar photo editing software experience, and we need an intern who has some video production experience. They will be helping to designing and updating the party website, taking photos of party and candidate events, and filming & editing video projects. One prospective intern does not have to have all three of these qualifications. These projects will be divided among those with experience.

Interns must commit to at least 10 hours a week. Internships are available between 10-8pm Monday-Saturday. We are willing to work with the schedules of promising candidates on an individual bases. We offer up to 9 credit hours.

If you have any questions please call or email the Chair of the Rutherford County Democratic Party, Matt Ferry at 615.243.7119 or email Applicants can apply at the same address or at Applicants will be required to complete a short interview before being accepted into the program.