Requests from the Chair:
Every conversation is an opportunity to share our message and to grow our party. We need your help. You may not be able to do all of these, but if you can do one or two it will assist us in moving Rutherford County in the appropriate direction. Commit to action today.

1. Be proud to be a Democrat and share that pride with others.

2. Take every opportunity to reach out to your circle of family and friends and share our message for change. Send us names and contact information for Rutherford Countians who will support our efforts so that we may reach out to them.

3.  Volunteer with our party and attend party events.  We need helpers on a regular basis.  We can use all levels of support from baking cookies, to knocking on doors, to donating funds.

4. Help the candidate in your district by volunteering to distribute literature, knock on doors, make phone calls, attend events on their behalf and make financial contributions to assist their campaigns.

5. RCDP has a Victory PAC Fund that we will use to support those candidates.  Please consider making a donation to the fund.  For more information or to contribute to the Victory PAC Fund for candidates, contact Robin Morgan here.

Matt Ferry

Chair Rutherford County Democratic Party